YMCA Camp Carson - An Experience That Last a Lifetime

FAQ – Facts and Questions

What are the important dates for Summer 2016?

May 13-15 – Christian Leadership Conference (CLC)

  • Optional training open to any YMCA staff or volunteer
  • The conference will be hosted at Camp Carson and is 1 of 13 other CLC occurring around the US
  • Overall purpose is to build strong christian character in each participant in order to better lead their programs or their youth they will serve this summer

May 17-20 – Program Staff Training

  • The program team consists of 10 individuals that facilitate all staff training, lead summer camp staff, and perform other specific duties within each individual role
  • Training on the YMCA mission, how to facilitate team-building activities, and leadership skills are emphasized during these days
  • 2016 Program Staff positions are as follows:
    • Wrangler Director
    • Aquatics Director
    • Land Director
    • Girl’s Head Counselor
    • Boy’s Head Counselor
    • Media Director
    • Creative Arts Director
    • Servant Leadership Program (SLP) Director
    • Leaders in Training (LIT) Director
    • Counselor in Training (CIT) Director

May 16-20 – Work Week

  • Optional week to complete work projects around camp in order to get the site and facilities prepped for the summer.
  • Lodging and meals are included.

May 22-26 – Certification Week

  • Optional week to become certified in the following activities
    • Waterfront Lifeguard Certification
    • High and Low Ropes Certification
    • Shooting Sports (Archery & Riflery) Certification
  • Lodging and meals are included.

May 28- June 3 – Mandatory All Staff Training

  • CPR, First Aid, and AED Certification
  • All staff team-building activities
  • How to safely and effectively manage a cabin
  • Activity area training

June 5 – August 6 – Summer 2016

  • 8 weeks of summer camp concluding with a staff banquet!

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How long is a camp session?

A camp session at YMCA Camp Carson usually is one (1) week long. We do have some exceptions that go from a two to three week program. Campers also have the option to sign up for more than a one week stay.

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How long does the summer last?

YMCA Camp Carson summer for 2016 will go from approximately May 13, 2016 through August 6, 2016. There are some training sessions that will take place May 13 – June 3 but that will depend on your current certifications and skill level for the activity you will be teaching.

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Where is Camp Carson?

Camp Carson is located in Princeton, Indiana, easily accessible from major metropolitan areas.

Directions to Camp

From the South (Evansville)

Travel on US Highway 41 North to the second Princeton exit (Princeton/Mt. Carmel exit) and follow Hwy. 64 East. Follow Hwy. 64 East into Princeton. Continue on Hwy. 64, it will drop from a four lane to a two lane just as you reach Wendy’s and Dairy Queen, keep going straight on the two lane to the old town square. This is the Court House Square. Continue straight on Broadway/64 E. You will travel approximately 1-mile and will pass a bowling alley on the left. The road veers right at the gas station. Make a left turn onto Lake Road (just before the gas station). Camp is located 1.1-miles down the road on the left, there’s a canoe hanging over the entrance!
From the West (St Louis)

Take I-64 east to Exit 25B US Hwy 41 North and follow directions above (from the south)
From the East (Louisville, Lexington, and Cincinnati)

Take I-64 west to Exit 25B US Hwy 41 North and follow directions above (from the south)
From the North (Terre Haute, Indianapolis)

Take US Hwy 41 South to the Princeton/Mt Carmel exit and follow Hwy. 64 East. Follow 64 East into Princeton. and follow directions above (from the south)

Driving Times to YMCA Camp Carson:

40 minutes North of Evansville
1 3/4 hours West of Louisville, KY
2 1/2 hours East of St Louis, MO
2 3/4 hours North-East of Nashville, TN
3 hours South-West of Indianapolis, IN
3 hours West of Cincinnati, OH
3 hours West of Lexington, KY


YMCA Camp Carson
2034 Outer Lake Rd.
Princeton, IN 47670


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Do I have to work all summer?

We like to try to find counselors who can make a commitment to the entire summer time frame and for those that do complete an entire summer in most cases receive an incentive bonus at the end of the season. Working the entire summer also helps with continuity in the camp community and provides for a more stable environment for both campers and fellow staff members. There is an exception in some cases especially in our Servant Leadership Program Staff who we hire for a two or three weeks session.

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What is the difference between SLP, Assisting Senior and a Senior Staff Member?

The following description gives a break down of the different classification of Camp Carson Staff.

  1. SLP – Service Leadership Program Staff – staff member who is at least a Junior in High School but has not graduated.
  2. Assisting Senior – a staff member who has just finished their Senior year in High School but has not completed the freshman year of college.
  3. Senior Staff Member – any staff member who has completed at least one year in college or university.

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Is Camp Carson an over-night/residential camp or a Day Camp?

YMCA Camp Carson is an over-night/residential camp. All of our counselors serve a duel roll in that they are both a Cabin Counselor at night and work in an Activity area during the day. That activity area is matched to the staff person based on the individual’s personal skill level, certifications and trainings, and the desire to work in a specific area.

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What Activities does Camp Carson offer?

YMCA Camp Carson i s located on 165 acres and centered around a 6 acre lake. There are many activities that take place on camp and we could never list everything that we ask our staff to be involved with. We continually look for staff who can be creative and bring fresh new ideas to the table that help give campers the experience that they receive.

Here is a list of the most popular activities hosted on site:

  • Swimming
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Sailing
  • Double Water Zip Line
  • Tom Sawyer Swing
  • Blob
  • Water Slide
  • Rock-It
  • Archery
  • Rifles
  • Mountain Biking
  • Mountain Boarding
  • Horseback (Trail Rides)
  • Horseback (Wrangler)
  • Dirt Bike
  • Alpine Tower (Climbing Wall)
  • Giant Swing
  • Pottery
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Nature Studies
  • Environmental Education
  • Fishing (Conventional Rod and Fly Rod)
  • Athletics
  • Photography/Video
  • Radio
  • Musical (Guitar, Drums, songs)
  • Theatrical (Skits, themes, chants etc)

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How large is the Camp Carson staff?

YMCA Camp Carson typically has a summer staff around 45 counselors. At any given time there will be another 20-25 support staff that are either full-time, office staff, maintenance staff or ground staff. Camp Carson also hires international staff from several different hemispheres in order to bring a cultural diversity to the camp life for both campers and fellow staff.

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What is the pay for a staff at Camp Carson?

It is hard to answer this question directly. But we will give it a shot.

The staff salaries range from $175 a week up to $250 a week based on the position, the experience and the certifications that each individual may already have. We also provide lodging, and all your meals while on site. There is a completion bonus given to staff who work all summer with a satisfactory work status along with other criteria.

We have surveyed a number of staff over the summers who have worked other summer jobs not related to camp and found that because of having to maintain an apartment, utilities, and vehicle and food expenses that they were not able to save compared to the summer camp staff person who has practically no expenses during the summer is able to save quite a bit more.

There are arguments that can go both ways. But we also like to believe that working in a summer camp environment will also provide you with a  great wealth of experience, personal and professional growth and a life time of friends and memories that can far outweigh that of monetary value.

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Do I get any time off?

Why of course you do. How much you say?

Each staff person receives one long night which is usually right after evening program and goes until midnight as well as one short night which consist of lights out until midnight. On a long night staff are allowed to leave camp for a short run into town. Plenty of time for a movie, evening dinner out etc. There are other times during the day when either you or your co-counselor may opt for some time away from the cabin group.

We also end our camper sessions on Friday. After the campers are gone, we have a brief clean-up/round up of the camp facility and typically a staff meeting to round out the week. After that staff meeting you are off until Sunday morning. There are some exceptions for volunteers who would like to make extra money and work session stay overs and teen weekends etc. But that is worked out way ahead of time so you know when you are required to work.

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Will being a “Camp Counselor” look good on my resume?


Don’t be surprised if in future job interviews you talk more about your camp experience than any other job on your resume. Most business leaders understand and appreciate the challenge and value gained from being a camp counselor. They know that camp work teaches you to make good decisions, to think on your feet, and to work with others. These skills aren’t easy to develop in a typical office setting.

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What…No Cell Phone, How will I live?

cellphonesWhoooooaaaaaaa… it’s not that you can’t have your cell phone we just ask that you keep it out of your cabin and away from the campers.

The cabin areas are “Technology Free Zones.” We ask that you leave your phones and computers either in your car or in the staff lodge. Our campers are not allowed to use phones or the internet – it’s part of being away from home. So we ask that you only use electronics away from campers and on your time off.

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Do we have access to the internet?

Yes, we do have wireless internet available for staff and in the staff lodge we also have several computers that staff can have access to in order to stay connected both through internet, email, Skype, etc. Again we just ask that you limit your use to your time off and that if you use a internet equipped device that you NOT use it around campers.

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